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  • Company description: Yebofresh is a  (add in text from Jessica)

  • Why are we happy to be involved: Yebofresh is one of these companies that has it all: a great entrepreneur and team, with a very well thought-through business model and potentially a major positive impact on the lives of many South Africans. Yebofresh makes food cheaper and takes away the enormous hassle, and sometimes dangers, of the monthly bulk shopping that these households do. In time, it can help create more nutritious diets. With its network of agents, it creates jobs and entrepreneurship in the areas Yebofresh services

  • Partner investors: Mark Forrester, Neil Watson, Aisha Pandor & Alen Ribic – possibly add in description of why we got them involved, or quotes from them as to why they got involved / believe in Yebofresh and the “e4e method”




Bas and Frederik were super supportive from the moment they joined my company and have really made impact
— to good to be true