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E4E (“Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs”) specializes in supporting early stage ventures in South Africa from very early stage (pre-series A) to scale up. We focus on smart entrepreneurs and business ideas that are great businesses and make a significant contribution to a better (South) Africa. 

We are experienced entrepreneurs, now working as entrepreneurial investors (see team) and aim to support the creation and scale up of smart (tech-enabled), positive businesses in South Africa.

We make early stage investments and syndicate subsequent investment rounds, usually in collaboration with our network of (international) experienced entrepreneurs. Besides investment, we provide hands-on support in business building – usually through creating a small group of experienced  entrepreneurs around the start-up that have the exact skills needed to help the venture grow (example: see the recent Yebofresh investment). 

We build personal relationships with our entrepreneurs in order to fully understand their needs and challenges in order to make their company a success. Our relationship with the entrepreneurs, other investors and any other stakeholders is open, transparent, clear, personal/intimate and to the point. We prefer supporting entrepreneurial teams that are diverse in composition.

We are open to get involved in additional companies, and are happy to meet for a coffee or mountain walk (in fact, we prefer to meet entrepreneurs before the moment that funding is urgent).